Spooky Action

The whole time I was out with him

I only thought of you

Such a needless distraction

but what was I to do?

You were in my hair

that sooty stare

‘bout shot my heart right through


Electric angels everywhere…

a sizzling crack at night

Quantumly entangled now

no telling wrong from right


I’m the girl who comes along

when you’re on a high

to be done with as you will

you think you are so fly


I feel you before I see you

and am forever changed

my heart on fire

my one desire

myself the one to blame



Between Jobs

I am between jobs at the moment, and I’m finding myself feeling very weirdly “out of sorts”.  I should be happy.  For one of the first times in my life, I can afford to take a little time and figure out exactly what I want to do.  But I’m having a hard time feeling inspired.  When I think of working a Monday through Friday type of job (typical 8 am to 5 pm), I literally feel like part of my soul is dying.  I am so so so so (can I say again?) SO sick of that schedule.  It’s always the same; dreading Mondays, wishing for Fridays, to me just pure drudgery.  Unfortunately, when I see a job that I’m qualified for, or that pays what I’d like to make, it almost always falls into this category.

I’ve honestly enjoyed jobs I’ve had in retail, in the past, that had more flexible schedules.  I’ve never minded working nights or weekends, and I liked having days off during the week when it seemed like everybody else was working.  It just seems to be hard to find a good one of these types of jobs.  If I lived in a bigger city, maybe it would be possible, but around here…not so much.

Then I think, Wow, I finally have time to do some writing!  but can’t think of anything to write about or anything important to say:  hence this silly piece.  Autumn has begun and it’s still sweltering hot outside.  I live in Central time and it gets dark way too early.  I’m thinking of changing from being a night owl to an early bird; just to change things up a bit. I could go on walks in the morning instead of in the evening.  It’s starting to get too scary because it gets dark too early.  I’m not scared of the dark, far from it – the darkness is my friend!  It’s some of the people out there that give me the creeps!  Daylight would help.

That’s about all I can think of to say right now.  I will go do yoga and try to figure out what to do with the rest of my life….

To Be Continued.






Moonshine Cherries

You’ve got those moonshine cherries

burst in my mouth

have ‘em when I need ‘em

make me think of the South


Just like that sparkle in your eye

their moon-time shine

burns a trail of fire

as if by design


All warmth and glow

cherries in a jar

black molasses slow

white lightnin’ from afar


Kickin’ in again

kisses sweet as pie

all my heart’s desire

Honey, that’s no lie

The Blood Energizer Stone: Bloodstone — Good Witches Homestead

The combined colors of bloodstone allow it to function at the levels of the base and heart chakras. It encourages a balance of energy; practicality with the desire to grow; calming strong emotions, and is both stimulating and motivating. Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope and has a long tradition of magical use. A variety […]

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American Dream

An achievement – the American Dream

now what?

One door just barely came open; another one shut


There will always be that once upon a time:

days of carefree abandon were mine

the things that I had did not define ~


and a long empty road stretched out in front of me,

traded Big Sky of the west for South’s tranquility.

The simplest of choices:  the mountains or the sea?

All the while, wasting time thinking about some punk

all that I owned fit in my back seat and trunk


Were the scorching sun and heat enough to wash it away

then I wouldn’t be here to this very day

just a far-flung soul

with constant trials and tolls

on a pursuit; seeking to find the best way


Sometimes the only solution

is to leave the situation.

These people are not my friends

and the search never ends…

Evening Owl

On a balmy night, you’re in my sight

on the highest tree branch, you alight

whispering winds stroke ruffled wings

hearing your wind-swept call, my senses delight


A stranger who comes but once a year

you’re a portent of luck, though in some cause fear

russet raptor of doom gazing down on tombs

your intentions remain unclear


On widow-making branches you linger

hovering above necropolis, the bringer

of a serene surprise, most will not realize

invader from another realm; the ultimate infringer


For it is not from this world you come

no, from somewhere dreams are undone

and I welcome you here, my clever seer

and to your spectral customs I succumb


Just as the black cat who crosses my path will bring good luck

in your nightly visits and wily ways, I am moonstruck

and in the cemetery where I walk there is no need for talk

it is a peaceful place for clearing our minds and souls from muck


And when stars shimmer across ebony skies

always at home in the shadows are you and I

furiously fighting against the wind, tormented hearts undisciplined

to the ways of a world we will never fit in

taking comfort in the awakening of our eyes

knowing the time is over for deceit and lies.