Saturday Morning Mug of Tea


Lately, I’ve made Saturday morning the start of the week for me.  A nice strong mug of tea (chosen from a fine selection at a little Russian market nearby) goes great with my Tai Chi DVD.  Instead of starting the day in a balled-up ball of tension, thinking of the many things I need to or want to do, the Tai Chi helps me to feel calm, centered, and ready.

I’ve also taken up yoga recently, finding it to be much harder than I ever would have thought!  But, also, the feeling you get after completing a work out is just – wonderful.  I’m not sure how to describe it, other than that both Tai Chi and yoga seem to allow you to just “be”.  That sounds weird, I know, but in a world of constant rushing around, either unhealthily dwelling on the past and/or always looking to the future, it’s so easy to forget how to live in the here and now.  I don’t even think I ever understood that concept until now.  One of the things both the Tai Chi and yoga have in common, I think, is that they help you to breathe deeply and slow things down – even if for just a little while.

One concept I’ve learned in yoga is about the seat of the spirit being in your chest.  Something I’ve taken away from this:  the importance of knowing our own worth and value – not based on the opinion of others, nor any outside circumstances for that matter.  “Never allow someone else’s opinion of you to shape your view of yourself “-  Sometimes this can be easier said than done, because as humans we seek approval and acceptance from others.  But it’s so important to remember that we shouldn’t base our worth on these things.  So where should our worth and value come from?  I believe this is an ultimate quest that we should all be trying to achieve, if you haven’t already.  If the goal is to give approval to ourselves each and every day, then we must be doing those things that merit our approval each day!  Something to think about…..and I would also more than welcome any suggestions!