Witchery (the band) above /\  The poem below \/  


Witchery, because I love the word

Witchery, because I am disturbed

You have become my infatuation

Give me the power to reach my destination!

On the outside, they will never know

as all appears unchanged, aglow.

While on the inside, bitter demons fight

They want to rage and boil, revenge their plight.

So, what is wrong with a little darkness inside?

Certainly it is justified!

And with certainty will I cast my spell

where evil dwells

will mercy quell…

Such overwhelming fascination

Such complete intoxication!

Witchery, you belong to me

Will you aid me to avenge the enemy?

“Say Your Thing, Man (or Woman)!”


As Jim Morrison famously (or infamously) and most certainly drunkenly said years ago and definitely way out of this context, sometimes you just have to SAY YOUR THING.  And as I write this, my only hope is that I can inspire someone else who has been in my same situation.


For years (and I do mean YEARS), I have prided myself on my calm manner and professionalism in all types of workplace situations.  Indeed, I was the one who rarely “rocked the boat”, didn’t bring personal problems with me, was a people pleaser and nice guy – many times when the situation didn’t necessarily warrant it.

In the position I have now, I am the fixer and problem solver of many things.  This is fine with me, until it comes to someone intentionally making my job more difficult.  This just happened, and the person who did it just happens to also be someone who has irritated me in oh so many ways before.  Did I ever speak up or tell that person how I felt?  No.  Well, not until just the other day.  The situation had gotten out of hand and this particular person’s immaturity was really and truly causing me unnecessary problems with completing my own work.  For months, just by shear will and determination, I had avoided confronting this person (who, by the way, is supposed to be my superior).  But one day, things just came to a head and I HAD to say something.

I did it.  And when I did it, I couldn’t hide how upset I was.  But at the same, I remained as professional as possible – didn’t cuss or insult or anything like that.  Still, I voiced my feelings and let her know how I really felt.  My closing words were something I had wanted to say to her for soooooo long:  “You may have some other people fooled around here, but you don’t have me fooled.”

Aaaah!  There, I said it.  And my life has changed ever since.  From that moment on, it was like this “poison” had left my body and I felt different – all over.  It’s like a new me!


From this experience I have learned how important it is to stand up for myself.  Sometimes there are things that need to be said, feelings we just have to show, or they linger in us like a “poison” and hold us back.  Sure, I can tell I am not so “well-liked” as before.  There are some people not talking to me.  But inside I feel great.  And these people?  Well, they were never my friends to begin with.  I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.