Lie To Me

Lie to me

your words so sublime

fruit from the vine

when you say that you’re mine


Want to hear it again

your words fall so well

on this affection starved soul

your truth a hard sell


Of whispered sweet nothings

taking all I can get

You’ll stop at nothing

You win every bet


Lie to me

I really don’t mind

What I don’t know won’t hurt

There’s always next time













A free spirit won’t be captured or caged for long

and knows where she doesn’t belong

Although she may not know where to go

the spirit will sense when things are wrong:


There’s a missed connection of things unseen

The grass is brown but should be green

Though enveloped in cloaks of white

games afoot which are unclean


Flying here and there through dusty turquoise sky

on the other side of night is where her love will lie

as balmy breezes caress fevered skin

her hearts delight fulfilled with a sigh


Indeed, this place has a certain essence

crafted and created of a divine presence

all rustled palms, jagged silhouettes

Her making it beautiful by the art of Transference.