The Mist

A mist like none other came rambling in

on the warm, jagged breakers of the Gulf

giant rollers; great, undulating waves

toppling all over one another


This was no fog

no, those were felt many times

lingering on mountain passes

in the valleys and caves

No, this was something else altogether

alive, thick and enveloping


From the top floor of a white, stucco building

trimmed in baby blue

the view was like none other

When the feeling hit with a suddenness

it overwhelmed

suffocated, almost


Collapsing onto the bed, just as the telephone rang

the sound muffled

answering with, “I’m just so tired…”


“I bet you are,” the caller responds knowingly, with a smile.


Lie To Me

Lie to me

your words so sublime

fruit from the vine

when you say that you’re mine


Want to hear it again

your words fall so well

on this affection starved soul

your truth a hard sell


Of whispered sweet nothings

taking all I can get

You’ll stop at nothing

You win every bet


Lie to me

I really don’t mind

What I don’t know won’t hurt

There’s always next time












A free spirit won’t be captured or caged for long

and knows where she doesn’t belong

Although she may not know where to go

the spirit will sense when things are wrong:


There’s a missed connection of things unseen

The grass is brown but should be green

Though enveloped in cloaks of white

games afoot which are unclean


Flying here and there through dusty turquoise sky

on the other side of night is where her love will lie

as balmy breezes caress fevered skin

her hearts delight fulfilled with a sigh


Indeed, this place has a certain essence

crafted and created of a divine presence

all rustled palms, jagged silhouettes

Her making it beautiful by the art of Transference.



Spooky Action

The whole time I was out with him

I only thought of you

Such a needless distraction

but what was I to do?

You were in my hair

that sooty stare

‘bout shot my heart right through


Electric angels everywhere…

a sizzling crack at night

Quantumly entangled now

no telling wrong from right


I’m the girl who comes along

when you’re on a high

to be done with as you will

you think you are so fly


I feel you before I see you

and am forever changed

my heart on fire

my one desire

myself the one to blame


Moonshine Cherries

You’ve got those moonshine cherries

burst in my mouth

have ‘em when I need ‘em

make me think of the South


Just like that sparkle in your eye

their moon-time shine

burns a trail of fire

as if by design


All warmth and glow

cherries in a jar

black molasses slow

white lightnin’ from afar


Kickin’ in again

kisses sweet as pie

all my heart’s desire

Honey, that’s no lie

American Dream

An achievement – the American Dream

now what?

One door just barely came open; another one shut


There will always be that once upon a time:

days of carefree abandon were mine

the things that I had did not define ~


and a long empty road stretched out in front of me,

traded Big Sky of the west for South’s tranquility.

The simplest of choices:  the mountains or the sea?

All the while, wasting time thinking about some punk

all that I owned fit in my back seat and trunk


Were the scorching sun and heat enough to wash it away

then I wouldn’t be here to this very day

just a far-flung soul

with constant trials and tolls

on a pursuit; seeking to find the best way


Sometimes the only solution

is to leave the situation.

These people are not my friends

and the search never ends…