Lie To Me

Lie to me

your words so sublime

fruit from the vine

when you say that you’re mine


Want to hear it again

your words fall so well

on this affection starved soul

your truth a hard sell


Of whispered sweet nothings

taking all I can get

You’ll stop at nothing

You win every bet


Lie to me

I really don’t mind

What I don’t know won’t hurt

There’s always next time












Spooky Action

The whole time I was out with him

I only thought of you

Such a needless distraction

but what was I to do?

You were in my hair

that sooty stare

‘bout shot my heart right through


Electric angels everywhere…

a sizzling crack at night

Quantumly entangled now

no telling wrong from right


I’m the girl who comes along

when you’re on a high

to be done with as you will

you think you are so fly


I feel you before I see you

and am forever changed

my heart on fire

my one desire

myself the one to blame


Moonshine Cherries

You’ve got those moonshine cherries

burst in my mouth

have ‘em when I need ‘em

make me think of the South


Just like that sparkle in your eye

their moon-time shine

burns a trail of fire

as if by design


All warmth and glow

cherries in a jar

black molasses slow

white lightnin’ from afar


Kickin’ in again

kisses sweet as pie

all my heart’s desire

Honey, that’s no lie

Clinging Sunsets

Words cannot convey

exactly what I’m trying to say…

when in my mind, I see your face

you have something I can never replace

knowing the world’s a better place with you in it

feeling you near even though you’re distant

imagining you so hard you must feel it!


Close my eyes


and you’re there in the air

Nodding your head, you deliver

the music that makes me shiver

with your smoky, hooded stare

you’re in my mind; you’re everywhere


Patience is a trait I’ve learned

though many times been burned

nothing stops the desire

like sizzling sparks of fire

when I do get the essence returned


I see clinging sunsets with whispers of blue

you should feel traces of me calling out to you

the charm has worked before; can you feel it now?

To make sure you know somehow

and to prove my desire is true


I know that soon you’ll be coming my way

a little game I like to play:

give a little, take a little; a push and a pull over time

until the day everything will align

It has happened before at least twice

more than a per chance roll of the dice

revelation, obsession, aspiration

feeding the fire of infatuation


Suddenly you’re right in front of me!

In the flesh; your indifference, your sooty, sexy glam

can be replaced by someone who understands

how open arms can make everything okay

Everything hooking up and synching the right way


Can I do this one more time?

Clicking off my list of the sublime

You are the ultimate to me

don’t know why I didn’t see

what we have in common; our faith is ingrained

we’re both just a little insane

And I’m loving every inch I see

of our rapid-fire sweet destiny





Blood and Water

“We’ve all heard the phrase “blood is thicker than water” usually referring to family ties as being stronger than other connections we have in our lives.  I have often times begged to differ this reference since it hasn’t been very fitting in my own life.

I hearken back to a time, a warm and sunny summer day, when us four young teenage siblings (2 brothers and 2 sisters) left a movie theater to begin our walk back home.  As we made our way through the parking lot, a couple teenage boys began saying some really nasty things to my sister and I.  They got close and taunted us, and I worried for our physical safety.  I remember being very scared.  When we turned to our brothers for help, we saw them running away across the parking lot!  No help there.  My sister and I were on our own.

This attitude has continued in my family throughout the years.  Despite my best efforts at closeness with family members, I still find myself on the outskirts of things – excluded from the so-called “family”.  I will always respect my parents for who they are, but they have treated my brothers differently from my sister and I our whole lives.  They gave them the support they needed when we were young and continue to show their preference for the boys (who are now grown men) in many ways.

Oh, I let this eat away at me for years!  In particularly when my daughter came into the picture, and her uncles and grandparents on my side made no effort to get to know her.  This hurt deeply and for a long time.  Then one day, I stumbled across an explanation of the quotation, “Blood is thicker than water”, that made so much more sense.

14. “Blood is thicker than water.”

This is one of many Bible verses that has been misadapted for common use, because the word “convenant” doesn’t roll off the tongue in everyday use. However, the real version completely changes the meaning. The quote comes from: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” This actually means that blood shed in battle bonds soldiers more strongly than simple genetics. Although we commonly use it to suggest the strength of family ties, it doesn’t refer to family at all.

31 Famous Quotations You’ve Been Getting Wrong

While most people would think that “blood” refers to family ties and their importance, the original version of the saying was talking about something much different.  It may mean different things to different people, but to me it means the person or people who have stuck with you through thick and thin, showed their support no matter what, let go of the silly differences you may have, and really CARE about you and are interested in your life – THAT is blood to me.

So this is just a little something to think about, especially during this time of year.  So many people feel obligated to family members, but often they are let down or even hurt by those very same people.  Ask yourself this:  who in my life really cares about me?  Who has stuck by me through the good and the bad?  Who would stand up for me no matter what?  If you are one of the lucky ones, you will get an answer.  Cherish this person or people and never let them go.  Realize that family ties don’t always bind and being related doesn’t always insure loyalty, trust, attention, or love.