My Metal Heart

My heart aches for what once was

though I wouldn’t change a thing about today

the longing is still there, a remnant of days gone by

and I can’t help but wonder…

There was a time of freedom and not much responsibility

when all that mattered was the music

we lived and breathed the music ~ it was a lifestyle

There was the excitement of youth

when each day was brand new and anything could happen

The spontaneity and hope; starry eyes and puppy love, and what we thought was real love

Days were something to endure while we waited for the night to come

That’s when the magick happened:  our hearts free to explore; an open book 

waiting to be written;

attractions so magnetic – highly charged and bittersweet

because somehow, we knew this couldn’t last

Life happens.  

Like going to sleep and waking up in a different world

What we call maturity is somehow a gain and a loss all at once;

you can get disoriented along the way

Society telling us we should look like this, live like that, own this, pray for that

Frustration mounts, comes to a head

and we suddenly know what we must do

what matters

A plan forms in the very depths of our hearts

because there are still those among us who have stayed true to theirs

an inspiration greater than all

waiting in the wings to be wholly and completely embraced once again

by the metal hearts who have decided ~ it’s high time.

If you are living a lie, then you are wasting time because you are merely a shell

of what you should truly be

Because what really matters is what is in your heart

and to that you must stay true





Witchery (the band) above /\  The poem below \/  


Witchery, because I love the word

Witchery, because I am disturbed

You have become my infatuation

Give me the power to reach my destination!

On the outside, they will never know

as all appears unchanged, aglow.

While on the inside, bitter demons fight

They want to rage and boil, revenge their plight.

So, what is wrong with a little darkness inside?

Certainly it is justified!

And with certainty will I cast my spell

where evil dwells

will mercy quell…

Such overwhelming fascination

Such complete intoxication!

Witchery, you belong to me

Will you aid me to avenge the enemy?